A wall light like no other

moonshadow_wall_001_8bc5ce7a745b7bf1fd428f7510234018This wall light from Melogranoblu is perhaps one of the most unusual we have seen.

The “Moonshoadow”┬áis a technically perfect decorative hand made object.

It gives the sensation of softness and adds an air of mystery to a room. The wall light can also be matched to a table lamp version giving continuity across your living space.

They work as a one off, in pairs or in a line, the perfect glass sphere can be moved to the top, middle or bottom so amazing effects can be created when many are used in a line.

Another unique design from Cue Design Agents.


Let’s light Up the Patio

museTrust us Summer is coming and we are all looking forward to relaxing on our lawns and patio’s around our swimming pools.

To allow the evening to drift on into the night some ambient light is often needed, a subtle glow can turn a special evening into a magical one.

But with all outdoor equipment safety is always and issue especially around swimming pools and hot tubs.

The MUSE outdoor lamp comes with a rechargeable battery allowing you beautiful safe and practical lighting on your patio or around your pool.

This is just one of many outdoor designs available from Cue Design Agents

Custom Lighting for Hospitality

contardi-contract-8If you are in the design stage of a new Hospitality project it would be well worth contacting us at Cue Design Agents.

Based in Chelsea we have contacts all across Europe and can introduce you to stunning products that perhaps you have never seen before.

Products that will set your design apart and offer that extra special finish you and your clients are looking for.

Lighting is one of the most important elements of any design, it creates the mood it defines the the space. The image shown conveys everything we are trying to say in words in a single picture.

We have hundred of products to show you contact us to find out more.

Italian Lighting Design

000_ATHENA_XLAt Cue Design Agents we alway seek out the most stylist and beautiful products available in the market today. Many we find come from Europe and in particular Italy. Contardi Lighting is another example of this.

This quality manufacturer bring new idea’s to the home, for example the Athena XL shown here offers a cutting edge design with a warm comforting glow.

Lighting is often treated as just that a light, but we believe it is more than that it should be an atmosphere and an experience, light should be controlled to suit the mood and the ambience.

The Athena is one of many products available through Cue Design Agents, contact us to understand more on how lighting can transform your living space.

Walls as well as Beds

MD House also create wonderful wall and storage units to complement their beds and furniture.
The Picture shows the ultimate in “floating” storage, crisp elegant high gloss finish which creates an air of design as well as functionality.

To make black and grey look this good you know the product is first class, MD House produce a wide range of styles, that can be formatted to fit your space, contact us at Cue design Agents to see how we can transform your living space.

The “Cloud”

This is the end of our trilogy of beds from MD House, if you contact us at Cue design Agents we can show you dozens of amazing design’s not just from MD House but many high Quality furniture manufacturers.

bed3We left the cloud to the end as we think it is great, amazing lines, high quality (as ever) finish and just totally unique.

Imagine this in a loft apartment, imagine laying in bed on a Sunday morning overlooking the River. Total class and fabulous style…we hope you like it as much as we do!

The ALI Bed

High quality fabric, simplistic elegance, create a stunning effect, the Ali Bed from MD House is one our favorites here at Cue Design Agents.

bed2Although at first we felt it would appeal to more male than female clients, once you get to know the bed and feel the fabric you soon realise that the Ali bed appeals to all.

As ever with MD House the quality is second to none.