Luxurious Bespoke Restaurant Furniture

Photo credit: Paul Winch-FurnessIf you are designing a London restaurant you will realise that the finish is what sells the design. Cue Agents are the UK representative for MyBest Italian seating designers.

Their professionals choose with care the best wood available on main world markets, checking the level of humidity, quality and features, to reach a perfect result on each project.

As for the wood, they often are requested to use beech wood for its resistance to high usage and strain, for its suitability in contract environments, but they can also provide a wide choice of other fine woods , like oak, ash wood, mahogany, ebony, maple, cherry, linden wood as well as teak and afromosia for outdoor furniture.

They recently developed some ambitious projects with plywood and 3D plywood, exploring its flexible potential…

For your custom made projects we can offer a wide array of other materials for the frame structure: metal structures (like chromed or satin stainless steel, etc), plastic materials (like thermoplastic ABS, polypropylene, methacrylate, etc…), fiberglass and carbon fiber.

For any specific project you can count on our assistance and advice in finding the most suitable and cost-effective combination of technical features and materials.

Dining furniture, must look great, must be comfortable and must last, durability is every bit as important as style.

At Cue Agents we will help make sure that you select the right materials that achieve both objectives.


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