More than just a Chair.

It may sound obvious but the majority of your furniture is a fixed feature in a single room. It is not designed to be moved or to fit with other styles or in other settings.

A chair, however, is. It needs to be flexible, look good in any environment, yet be strong in structure, stylish but slight and light in appearance. It may also need to be stackable.

It is an movable art form in its own right. It is, with this complex set of needs in mind, that we are proud to be agents for Crassevig, from San Vito Al Torre, Italy.

Whether it is the wooden simplicity of the Anna Range or the curvaceous contours of Asia, their simple elegance is bound to impress.


Pictured: Esse Chairs @ Hyatt Boutique Hotel, Andaz Tokyo June 2014

Cue helps our corporate clients to achieve style and practicality.

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Counting Down…..

Here at Cue, we can’t wait for the launch of our new e commerce website, scheduled for 1st November, but like our products we want to get it as perfect as possible…..


Looking great, never falling over and lots of features. Just like a room, a website should be clean, uncluttered and smooth to access and operate.

The colours should be appealing and the touch intuitive and sensual. The parts should be available and it should integrate with other websites….so that it looks like ‘Part of the furniture’.

Whether a website or a sofa, it will never appeal to everyone, but the discerning connoisseur will quickly notice the difference in quality, design and style.

Be as discerning as we are and use Cue Design Agents to shape your life.

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Garden Pots

Pots can represent an affordable design statement which is attractive and even multi functional. The choice of plant as well as the position can make it a versatile addition to your home.


Garden furniture has developed to bring the garden into the home as well as the home into the garden. Modern glazing products mean that insulation from window draft is vastly reduced, and thus the need for curtains or blinds.

With our Kubik range you can enjoy your garden in the day or night.

The Kubik range is made by Vondom Click Here to see part of the wide range of Vondom’s product for sale online at

Italian Design

The reputation of Italian designers is unrivalled in the world. It captures a clarity of mind and spirit that is both inspirational and functional. This vision transcends the fashion and motor trades as well as the area of interior design and furniture.

At Cue Design Agents we have build long term relationships with Italian designers such as La Cividina and look forward to showing you more of their designs in our new online store to be launched on 1st November.

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London Design Festival

The London Design Festival 2014 will be held between 13 – 21 September 2014 at the Victoria and Albert Museum.

“Design and creativity are embedded within our city’s DNA and critical to the future prosperity of London, as well as the whole country. In bringing together top design talent from across the world, the London Design Festival provides a snapshot of where we are now, but also importantly, it offers an insight into where we are going.”

Boris Johnson Mayor of London

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Symphony of Light

Your home should inspire and lift your heart so that every corner becomes a work of art and every area of light or shadow an opportunity. The choice of a light fitting may seem basic, but the illumination can change the whole ambiance of a room through its position, the use of dimmers and the use of subtle bulb shades.

Thus a single light can multiply the effect of your furnishings many times over. Whether your priority is functionality or romance our exclusive and beautiful range of over 220 such opportunities, will bring a warm glow and a smile to your face.

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