More than just a Chair.

It may sound obvious but the majority of your furniture is a fixed feature in a single room. It is not designed to be moved or to fit with other styles or in other settings.

A chair, however, is. It needs to be flexible, look good in any environment, yet be strong in structure, stylish but slight and light in appearance. It may also need to be stackable.

It is an movable art form in its own right. It is, with this complex set of needs in mind, that we are proud to be agents for Crassevig, from San Vito Al Torre, Italy.

Whether it is the wooden simplicity of the Anna Range or the curvaceous contours of Asia, their simple elegance is bound to impress.


Pictured: Esse Chairs @ Hyatt Boutique Hotel, Andaz Tokyo June 2014

Cue helps our corporate clients to achieve style and practicality.

To understand more about the range from Crassvig, contact jens at

If you are a trade account please also register for our new web site when you speak to jens.


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