The Humble Pouf

In Italian it is a pouf, the same as in French, but in English it is a pouffe.

Whatever you choose to call it, however you choose to spell it and whatever you choose to use it for, a pouf(fe) is an understated and modest design accessory. Versatile in its uses, popular with cats and children, they provide a welcome support for aching limbs.

Colourful and movable a pouf(fe) does not offend the eye, instead it is a friend which likes to be used yet is rarely appreciated.


At Cue, we do not deride the pouf(fe). We would not stock 29 different designs with multiple coverings if we did.

Instead we see them as a complimentary colour and shape which will fill gaps with interest and fill needs with style.

In England the extra ‘FE’ means Flexible and Enchanting.

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