MIL from LaCividina


The understated shapes of this range of coffee tables highlight LaCividina’s gift for combining simple features and pure materials such as glass, wood and marble to create items with exceptional designs and visual appeal.

Mil’s austere, geometric lines are embellished by the wooden base with an asymmetrical joint that provides an original way to bring together a number of modules in endless arrangements.

In order to accentuate the simplicity of the lines and the superior qualities of the materials, Mil comes in an all black version with a wooden top as well as versions with glass and marble tops. It is available in heights of 42 cm and 33 cm, with diameters of 75 cm and 50 cm respectively.

Available from Cue Design Agents.


ALA from LaCividina


The fertile partnership between LaCividina and Sebastian Herkner that began in 2015 has continued this year with contemplation of new uses for the Ala seating collection, in an example of the exhaustive stylistic and technical research that the company puts into all of its creations.

The process has produced the Ala Small Chair, which has been reduced in width and has overhauled proportions. It is a seating solution that can add

character even to small spaces and it has all of the distinguishing features that have made the Ala collection a big hit on the market: clean cut lines, sweeping curves and an original, visible structure – made of coloured or natural solid ash or metal – that holds and supports the backrest, seat and armrests.

Ala Small Chairs are available with and without armrests, for maximum freedom of use and positioning in public and private settings.

Available from Cue Design Agents.

Pinch from LaCividina


Skrivo Design’s aim when designing the Pinch collection of armchairs and sofas for LaCividina was to create areas where people could experience a little privacy and tranquillity in public spaces. The name comes from the original shape of the tubular metal frame, which literally pinches the backrest and the side pieces. This makes them into padded walls that form a sort of comfort room.

The form of Pinch was developed due to the desire to combine two very different materials: polyurethane foam, which has the capacity to change shape, and steel, the quintessential rigid material. The pairing of these two elements has produced a collection of sofas with innovative shapes. Rather than stopping at the conventional height, the structure of the legs continues and takes on an innovative supporting function, holding steady the padded walls and giving the seating an original, high impact overall look.

Pinch products can be made even more practical with the addition of tables to the structures to make the seats into comfortable places for working, studying or eating.

In order to cater to the many different needs of the contract and residential markets, the sofas and armchairs in the Pinch collection come in four widths: 110 cm, 160 cm, 210 cm and 240 cm. They are all available with a choice of three wall heights: 70 cm, 90 cm and 140 cm.

Available from Cue Design Agents.

Tailor from LaCividina


A timeless seating collection with generous, welcoming shapes. The large volumes highlight the significant craft input which allows LaCividina to make collections of an exceptionally high standard.

Tailor can cater to all residential and contract seating needs thanks to the modularity of the pieces – which come in a range of shapes and sizes – and the lines of the products, which manage to be understated and bold at the same time. The sled base can either be

made of metal or oak in black or natural hues. It is a refined detail that adds an overall sense of elegance, with a perfect balance between transience and substance.

Available from Cue Design Agents.

My Place from La Cividina

myplaceblogpicWith the aim of creating the perfect armchair for the many different needs of the contract market, from office use to relaxation, Michael Geldmacher has conceived and espoused an innovative outlook on design. The result is Myplace, a new collection of lounge chairs presented at Milan 2016 by LaCividina.

The two shells used for the seats and the headrests are both produced in single moulds of different shapes and sizes. The parts were inspired by the sweeping lines of a conch and they can be combined to form a

collection of armchairs that can easily respond to any seating needs.
This cutting edge yet simple concept is behind 18 different armchair models. Their distinguishing features are their flowing forms, which cradle the body and work in conjunction with the foam rubber padding in varying densities to guarantee maximum seating comfort.

The Myplace base was designed to emphasize the overall lightness of the piece. Refined oak in black or natural hues is available in a stand design with four legs. Alternatively, black, plum and ivory coated metal can be used to make either a sled base or a stand with four legs.

Available in the UK through Cue Design Agents.