The night goes up in flames


Melogranoblu is displaying its own light installation at the exhibition entitled “… E QUANDO IL SOLE CADE, LA CITTÀ SI ACCENDE” (AND WHEN THE SUN GOES DOWN, THE CITY LIGHTS UP) which is running now till the 18 September 2016 at Palazzo Ducale in Mantua.

Nine artists for a cultural performance that sets out to “light up” the night in Mantua, the Italian Culture Capital 2016.
Nine light installations visible from both Mantua’s lower lake and the lawn of the Cavallerizza courtyard.

Melogranoblu who are represented by Cue Design Agents in the UK, the only exhibiting company, will be displaying a work devoted to fire as an alchemic element. It is a project that aims to be a tribute to Giulio Romano, architect and Mannerist artist, a central figure in the history of the city of the Gonzagas.

“Our work represents fire. We envisaged fire lighting up the night. Fire as a primary force. The element that was missing from the suggestions we perceived by visiting Palazzo Ducale.

The overhead walkway where it is staged, between two series of open arches, indeed conveys the power of the air in which it appears to be suspended, of the water it overlooks to one side and of the earth of the Cavallerizza it overlooks to the other.
With this work associated with fire, we wanted to pay our own tribute to the city of Mantua and Giulio Romano, a brilliant man, who tapped into the forces of nature and to the alchemy of its elements.

Bubbles in iridescent blown glass rise from three large clear braziers. The movement of the light that shines through them evokes flames and incandescence.
The notion of fire came to us spontaneously; it’s the natural element we use to create our works in glass”.