Funky Side Tables


A small production run for this unique side table produced by the Artisans at Prima Bespoke, every item is identical and yet hand formed.


This again show the unique designs that we create but also champions our ability to produce small to medium production runs, perfect for high quality hotels and offices.

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Detail and More Detail


Just another example of the fine craftsmenship available through Cue Design Agents. This amazing console table is possible more beautiful than any others we have seen due to the delicate structure of the legs and supports.

The curves are just amazing, such skill is required to produce such a stunning form as this!


We hope you agree with us on this and click the link to contact us and start talking to us at Cue Design Agents to see how we can help you have unique style created by the Italian Artisans at Prima Bespoke.

Stacks of Quality


Ok we know that this will not be everyone’s taste, but what we wanted to show was the versitlity of Prima Bespoke and the ability we have to use different fabrics.

The above of course is a print! It also shows the ability we have of producing small runs of stools, chairs in fact any type of furniture.

We must stress that each item is handmade so this type of production works for small to medium runs. Being unique is what sets us at Cue Design Agents apart from the rest!


Beautiful Lines


One of the hardest things to acheive in furniture design is form, elegance in a simplistic form.

Some time less is more allowing the quality of the piece to do the talking.


On closer inspection you can see the amazing finish of the wood and leather making what looks like a simple piece of furniture into something eveyone will comment on.

This finish is created by the artisans at Prima Bespoke in Italy, access to there pool of crafstmens and women is through Cue Design Agents here in the UK.


Happy New Year!


Wishing you many Design Inspirations for 2017, Cue Agents and Prima Bespoke would like to make 2017 the most creative ever.

So it’s back to work, but for us at Cue and Prima Bespoke that is NOT a bad thing, we are back in the office designing and discussing with our clients, how we can turn their dreams into reality.

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