Bespoke Cafe Furniture Design

bochoco_1154x701_02How many coffee bars and cafe’s have you walked into where the furniture is less than appealing, worn, stained and often without style.

We could probably list all the major chains and none of the furniture would set your heart racing.

So if you want to create a space that is exciting yet functional, an environment that will bring people back time and time again the contact us at Cue Design Agents

Take a look at the BOCHOCO PASTRY bar in Italy, decked out with furniture from our design partners VONDOM

It creates plenty of seating space without compromising on style.

At Cue Design Agents we can help you create this type of space and look, keep you ahead of your competition, contact us and start the process of setting yourself apart.


Fun and Style

ROSINANTE_1154X701_04A bit of a break from the norm for us but not all design is created just for grown ups!

We wanted to show you the “ROSINANTE” rocking horse, perfect for the garden, beach or beside a pool.

They are fun BUT they are stylish. If you want your children to have fun and still keep that cutting edge to your design then the “ROSINATE” from our suppliers VONDOM fits the bill.

Available in different sizes and colours, contact us at CUE Design Agents to find out how to order.

How cool is this…..

WALL_STREET_AMBIENTE_02We just had to show you this new chair design about to be launched by our designers VONDOM, just a simple stunning cutting edge design.

Imagine your cafe equipped with the “WALL STREET” chair and table, practical, comfortable and beautiful the “WALL STREET” chair by VONDOM sets new standards in style and design.

If you are interested in finding out more about VONDOM and placing forward order for the “WALL STREET” chair, please contact us at Cue Design Agents.

Sitting on a Wing

wing_02The Wing stool and table created by our suppliers VONDOM is a perfect compliment to a stylish restaurant, hotel or modern property, here shown on the waterfront.

The “Wing” has lines that flow and catch the eye, you don’t just want people to sit down, you want them to comment, explore and stay awhile.

Furniture like this set’s the mood.

The “Wing” chair and table is available from Cue Design Agents here in the UK.

Modern Outdoor Plant Pots

MARQUIS_AMBIENTES_03The Marquis range of outdoor plant pots or planters are designed and created by our Italian suppliers VONDOM.

Available in a wide range of sizes and colours, these pots create an amazing effect, perfect for modern apartments, balconies and patios.

From an appartement point of view they are also very light, so ideal for high rise apartments with balconies, combine the Pots with some of the high end sunbeds and tables also designed by VONDOM.

The lightness and style also makes them perfect for use at exhibitions, tough, light yet quality in feel and design

Contact us at to see the full range of Modern Plant Pots available from VONDOM and our other unique suppliers.


BUM_BUM_AMBIENTE_01We don’t chose the titles for the names of the exquisite furniture designed by our suppliers VONDOM, so forgive the “BUM BUM” name and try and focus on the wonderful curves of this range of seating and tables.

Finished in high end Italian Leather this seating would grace any Hotel Lobby or Business Reception, not a sharp edge in site, just smooth elegant curves.

The range is tactile and of course very practical and comfortable, a natural show stopper. To find out more about our show stopping designs contact us at


Outdoor Day Beds from VONDOM

VELA_DAYBED_AMBIENTE_01If you tried explain the concept and design behind the VELA Day Bed from our suppliers VONDOM you would be lost for words.

A Bed on a beach, an outside bed, a sunbed to match all sunbeds, I am not sure you can actually compare it with anything.

If simple is the height of design style and elegance!

The VELA is a new product from VONDOM and will be available to order soon from contact us to find out more and place your advance orders.