Winged Chairs

Chairs with wings may sound a little old fashioned, but ‘Mrs Buffy’ is far from that!

At Cue Agents we offer a small but very interesting range of ‘Mrs Buffy’ chairs designed by Paolo Martinig.

Born in Cividale del Friuli in1962 Paolo (Paul), did not begin his design career until 1994, having come from the Communications Industry.

The chairs are distinctive and a real conversation piece with curved shoulder wings that hug you, giving a feeling of warmth and protection. They are described as ‘community’ but would be at home in a living room or a hotel foyer, offering subtle privacy.

We offer hundreds of fabric options and our new website shows exact measurements for you to plan with confidence.


Genuine Understanding

“What have you got?” can be the question, “What do you want?” can be the retort, “What can it do?” and the reply “I can’t tell you what it can do until I know what you want”.

This is the sort of conversation that we at Cue Agents, DO NOT want to have. We want to understand you, your home, your office, your lifestyle, your aspirations, so that when we can suggest ideas for you they are based on some reasoning and knowledge of our customer.

Because we want you to be happy with our products, we want to genuinely understand your requirements. In order to do this and to put those requirements in context we are happy to come and visit (without obligation) to understand….not sell.

Christmas Lights

This time of year always brings out a box (or ten) of lights. How exciting they look, draped around our homes and towns, but how disappointed we can feel when they get taken down.

Now you can get a lift from your lighting all year round through our range of Chandelier Ceiling lights. These are not intricate, ‘cut glass’ offerings but incredible design features to brighten your home.

We at Cue Agents have some wonderful designs which need to be appreciated in a setting to see how the light reflects, refracts and bounces around your home. With some 20 designs to choose from they will change the mood of your home and in doing so, lift your spirits skywards!

Italian Essence

It is true that Italians are interested in legs, and the Dom Edizioni range has inspirational legs!

Whether it be a table or an occasional chair, slender, curvaceous and exciting legs stand out in this particular range. Like an elegant woman, many of the pieces appear to float, guiding your eye upwards to a body which is stylish and curvaceous.

Ever bit of the range is 100% designed and made in Italy by a dedicated team, supplying the very best in quality to an extremely discerning clientele.

We at Cue Agents are proud to be amongst a very select group of UK outlets for this range. It is one we love and hope you do too. Speak with us over the possible variations. There are many and our new web site shows them off beautifully.

Buying On Line

This increasingly popular method is coming to Cue Agents with the launch of our new ecommerce website on 1st December

The internet can be impersonal and overwhelming, but we have designed the site to be user friendly and provide maximum flexibility, as well as more information.

Customers need to know exact dimensions, that colours are accurately reflected and that details are faithfully described. The way a door opens, for example, can make the difference between a piece integrating with a room to one which just gets in the way!

We are making these changes to benefit our customers….but please speak to us at Cue Agents as well. No question is too trivial!

Wow – Magnifico

This week marks a major development for Cue with our sparkling new on line e commerce web site now launching

After months of development, endless questions on form, detail and content we have finally settled on a system which displays our products beautifully. It is easy to use and a new ‘channel’ for our customers.

Many of our customers live busy lives often in different parts of the world, yet with England as their home they want the reassurance that dealing with an English company can bring. Thus with the ability to see our full range of products, the colour combinations, far greater detail and the prices they will be able to at least shortlist, thus saving time and effort on their return.

We are delighted with our new website and hope you are too. We at Cue look forward to hearing from you.

Goto and register for an account today!