The right tools


When you see a piece of beautiful furniture it is important to understand that it is handmade by skillful artisans based in Italy, Artisans with hundreds of year between them, all understand the need for precision to match craft.

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Bespoke Cabinet

Detail, detail and yet more detail, the image below shows the precision at which our Partners and Artisans at Prima Bespoke work.

If you have a need for a bespoke piece or pieces or luxury handmade Italian furniture, then look no further, was pay for somthing that is not unique, for a truly Designer Finish” contact us at Cue Design Agents.


Design of a Luxury Bed

Below is an image of how an idea for a Luxury Queen Sized Bed was turned into reality by our partners and the Italian Artisans at Prima Bespoke.

The Bed was a total one off and ended up in a high end apartment, the image gives you only a glimpse of the amazing quality we offer.

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