Lene by Crassevig


This may not look much like a chair, but this picture represents part of an elaborate and thorough design process which takes a concept to reality.

With complexity hidden in simplicity, the outcome understates the effort and imagination used to bring it to life:

“The curved and rounded lines assure the essential and fluid shape of lene. the perfect curvature of the back offers body support and maximum comfort. The wood back legs support the back thanks to the unique joints, offering creativity and technology in a single product.”

The finished product can be bought through our new website www.thecuedesignstore.co.uk, but the chair itself can be best enjoyed in your home, where it belongs!



The Humble Pouf

In Italian it is a pouf, the same as in French, but in English it is a pouffe.

Whatever you choose to call it, however you choose to spell it and whatever you choose to use it for, a pouf(fe) is an understated and modest design accessory. Versatile in its uses, popular with cats and children, they provide a welcome support for aching limbs.

Colourful and movable a pouf(fe) does not offend the eye, instead it is a friend which likes to be used yet is rarely appreciated.


At Cue, we do not deride the pouf(fe). We would not stock 29 different designs with multiple coverings if we did.

Instead we see them as a complimentary colour and shape which will fill gaps with interest and fill needs with style.

In England the extra ‘FE’ means Flexible and Enchanting.

See our range and buy online at www.thecuedesignstore.co.uk

Contents or Containers

A display cabinet is a simple concept. Whether it is to display a treasured collection from world travels or precious photos of family and friends, it should always say….”Look at me, I am important”.juliet_display_caseSQ

With hidden lighting it can bring a room or even a corridor to life, and in doing so give life to the contents. However the contents should be complimented by the container to create a perfect design partnership. A symbiotic relationship.

Just one such container here from our DOM edizioni  range is featured.

Others in the range offer a different balance. Just imagine what they could do for your treasures.

Designed by: Andrea Fogli

Pure Pleasure

The true value of our products is in the pleasure they bring. That pleasure should be in the breath of fresh air they introduce into a room, the ray of light that illuminates a dark corner or the soft comfort from being welcomed by a really, really comfortable sofa.

1As the autumn evenings draw in, come home to a warm welcome that will bring pleasure to your tired limbs and strained eyes. Sooth them in a bath of luxury.

Good company, a drink and comfort so natural you will forget everything. Stretch out on them and let them embrace you.

Pictured: Trastes e Contrastes  Aroeira

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Lighting Options.

Design can be a reflection of mood and attitude. As such your choice of lighting at Cue extends to 225 different shapes, sizes and uses.

Your choice may be to compliment or deliberately contradict the design choices in the rest of your home. It becomes even more exciting when you look at the choice of bulbs available now, with colour accents, dimmers, remote controls and timers….even ones switched on and off over the internet. The decisions can become overwhelming.

We would like to shed the light of our experience on your decision so that you can be more confident that your light will illuminate your home, your possessions and your life.

To buy lighting online click here to visit our new store http://www.thecuedesignstore.co.uk