Clean and simple style


When it comes to design Prima Bespoke what looks simple often is not. On first site the chair abouve look straight forward, but look closer, the round cusion, the back seemlessly rising from the cusion and the legs placed to create stability and style.


Then we move onto detail and finish, to understanmd more about bespoke chair design conact us at Cue Design Agents.


A Grand Setting


Although all the furniture produced by Prima Bespoke, is just that bespoke, we can still offer small runs of identical furniture for Cafe’s, Restaurants, Hotels and Offices.

The images above shows how you can have the perfection that Prima Bespoke offer in a Hotel.

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The Devil is in the Detail

This small round side table is a real example about how the Italian artisans at Prima Bespoke beleive that the “Devil is in the Detail”


What we particularly like is the fusion of different materials, which are showcased in this stunning table.


The close up of the legs shows the blend of wood and metalic elements, the detail is there to see in every element of this table.


The trim around the table is perfect in every way and so tactile, quality furniture needs to be touched and embrassed and my not dissapoint when you get close to it.

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